Group activity and coordination of referees in a match situation

Researchers involved : ACTé : S. Boyer (Doctoral student), G. Rix-Lièvre, M. Récopé, M. Grimonprez (Study engineer)

- Partners : La Poste, French Federation Football, PERF Arbitrage

- Project summary: This work is part of continuing work on referees’ judgement acts which lead to consider that the referee, throughout the match, shows and imposes what is possible on players. Since at high levels, the referee is never alone, we have to study whether and how each member of the refereeing team helps show players what is possible. Together, we ask :

  • What is each member’s participation in constructing what is imposed, in order to impose it on players and make it visible? The dynamic of individual activities and their entrenchment represent a cornerstone of referee performance: how does the field referee understand what an assistant referee tells him? How does what one referee states transform the very activity of another, both in terms of perception and action or emotional states?
  • The bases of the group activity. While some works focus on describing the components of the group activity from a static viewpoint—the distribution of roles in performing the task, the organisation’s operating rules, shared knowledge bases—we are interested in the determinants and principles underlying the dynamic of the coordination of the components of the group activity. Indeed, the processes allowing a group of referees to coordinate themselves are at the heart of our concerns to understand how this group shows what is possible and imposes it on the players. To do this, we conduct observation in the field and interviews with referees and their assistants.

Description du projet

This project falls within area 2 of the ACTé research laboratory .

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