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«High-Level Sport and Refereeing» University Degree

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This degree is intended for high-level referes, in particular those involved in basketball, football, handball and rugby, in that this course was created in patnership with the refereeing authorities of these federations. Its goal is to provide recognition for referees.

In addition to the technical training provided by the various federations, it proposes specific training which allows referees to transform their activity in order to adapt to the growing demands of high-level sport. The training course’s content is based on scientific work and offers a variety of tools to analyse their experience, giving them an opportunity to step back and look at their practice with an objective eyes, in order to develop it.

It also offers new possibilities for discussions (with referees from other team sports, researchers in a variety of disciplines, and experts), helping referees to consider key issues of refereeing from different viewpoints.

At a time when sport is focussing increasingly on economic and social issues, when to deal with these changes, refereeing requires more and more investments from officials, when referees either become professionals or put their own careers on hold to fulfil their mission, this diploma constitute a bridge to diplomas in Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sporting Activities, offering them an opportunity to retrain in a field in which they’ve invested themselves.

Course content

- UE1 : Refereeing and its relationship with the players’activity : presentation of various conceptions of refereeing and underlying concepts (Decision-making, judgement, representation, rules, conventions, etc)

- UE2 : Analysis and feedback : reflection, analysis of practices and tools

- UE3 : Communication tools : body language, English, means of communication, computing and video tools

- UE4 : Resource management : physiological data on physical training, perspectives on emotions and their management

- UE5 : Referees and their environment : Responsability under the law, realtions with the media, referee status, players and clubs.

- UE6 : Specialisation internship : regular refereeing, participation in federation training, supervision of federation training for referees and/or coaches (specific content to be defined with each federation)

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Students of the second University Degree "High-Level Sport and Refereeing" Class meeting with Mister Jean-Paul Bailly, CEO of La Poste Group Company and Mister Vincent Relave, Head of Corporate Communications of La Poste Group Company