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PERF Arbitrage ’s management board has nine members in four boards with 15 seats:

Board 1: Founders

- Group La Poste represented by Vincent RELAVE, Director of Communication
- French Football Federation, represented by Pascal GARIBIAN, Refereeing Technical Director, et Alain SARS, Deputy Director
- French Rugby Federation, represented byJoël DUME, National Refereeing Technical Director, and Didier MENE, President of the Referee Central Commission.

Board 2: University representatives

- President of Blaise Pascal University, Mathias BERNARD
- Director of UFR STAPS, Eric DORE
- Director of ACTé laboratory, Marie-Christine TOCZEK
- One member of the borad of directors of Blaise Pascal University, Pascale DUCHE
- Géraldine RIX-LIEVRE, qualified on refereeing issues at University Blaise Pascal

Board 3: Qualified persons

- Ministry of Sport, Youth, Popular Education and Associations, represented by Sabine FOUCHER
- Georges VIGARELLO as person of the acdemic world concerned by refereeing
- Jean-Raphaël GAITEY as person of the economic world concerned by refereeing knowledgeable of issues concerning referees

Board 4: Donors

- Auvergne Regional Council, represented by Alain BUSSIERE, first vice-president in charge of higher education , research and innovation
- City of Clermont-Ferrand, represented by Christine DULAC-ROUGERIE, councilllor for Sports