Management Board


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The mangement board meets at least twice each calendar year.

It :
- designates from among its members and based on the opinion of the President of the university, the President of the foundation as well as the members of the office , and can terminate their functions prior to the end of their term under the same conditions
- determines the authorities to be delegated to the President of the foundation
- establishes the foudation’s programme of activities, examines and defines the projects chosen to be conducted as part of the foundation ’s activities, in line with its objectives..

The management board deliberates on :

- the foundation ’s programme of activities
- the annual activity report presented by the foundation ’s office
- asset and liability forecast and proposes necessary modifications when the balance is substantially affected during the year
- accepting donations and related charges and general conditions for their acceptance
- approval of new founders and conditions of this approval
- recruiting and payment decisions for the foundation’s activities.