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About the PERF
A university course dedicated to refereeing

PERF Arbitrage is a university Center of expertise, research and training structuring activities of training, research and valorization of sports refereeing.

- To develop and clarify various training programs for referees,

- To strengthen the development of research on refereeing both in terms of collaboration between people in the sport, the socio-economic and the university fields, and in terms of funding,

- To offer both national and international legitimacy to innovations, research and training programs in refereeing,

- To promote refereeing over the long term.


- 1999 : Beginning of research on sports refereeing at Blaise Pascal University in partnership with the French Rugby Federayion (FFR) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

- 2007 : Creation of the « High-Level Sport and Refereeing» University Degree with the support of the group La Poste and in partnership with the French Rugby, Handball, Football and Basketball Federations.

- 2009 :

  • The second class of referees were graduated in the « High-Level Sport and Refereeing» university degree program,
  • Development of a research program called « Interaction, co-construction, trust » promoted by La Poste,
  • Beginning of discussions on the construction of the « PERF Arbitrage ».

- 2010 : Reinforcement of the research program promoted by the group La Poste thanks to the support of the Auvergne Regional Council for the project called «From the referee activity to the construction of the profession: perfomance and conditions of performance ».

- September 2011 : Creation of the PERF Arbitrage.

- 11 july 2012 : First PERF Arbitrage management board meeting: election of the board and the chairman.

PERF Arbitrage missions

Scientific research

- Focused on effective refereeing activities on the field,

- Based on an innovative conception of refereeing: the referee shows and imposes to the players what is possible to do and, doing so, takes off the uncertainty of the events,

- Focussing more specifically on :

  • coordination between the referee and players
  • referees collective activity
  • referre performance and collective construction of the rules of the profession

Training programs

- Complementary to sports federation training

- Propose contents about refereeing from a transversal viewpoint

- Diploma-awarding granting university recognition and valorization of the skills acquired in and by refereeing : the « High-Level Sport and Refereeing» university degree and the « Sport refereeing » option in university studies

Recognition activities

- Steering of a work of recogniton of a list of skills of the high-level referees

- In partnership with INSEP and BCU, creation of a documentary data base about refereeing and regulation judgment

- Constitution of a network of international experts

Ambitions of the PERF Arbitrage

- To assist refereeing as it grows in a constantly changing sport area

- To provide and support an alternative voice on refereeing

- To constitute a resources center approved by all institutions related to sport, education, higher education and research

- To construct an international network of experts and researchers to share resources and knowledge in order to contribute to the refereeing improvement

- To act so as to obtain recognition of the skills of high-level referees by all the ministries and in all spheres of society, sports, social, economic...