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"High level refereeing, a case of teamwork"

Dans un numéro spécial de la revue Science et Motricité dédié aux "officiels des pratiques sportives", cet article de Simon Boyer, Géraldine Rix-Lièvre et Michel Récopé s’intéresse aux activités de coordination entre l’arbitre et l’arbitre assistant pour prendre des décisions en situation de match de football.


Refereeing is often brought down to a process of individual decision-making. However, studying the characteristics of how decisions are made during a match entails considering the involvement of the members of the team of officials. Thus, our research investigates the motives and modalities of co-ordination between the team’s members. Six professional football matches have been observed and eighteen auto-confrontation interviews conducted with the referees and their assistants. The analysis highlights types of co-ordination relating to how the playing situation is recognized to be acceptable and how the players are shown what is possible. The officials’ co-ordination is based on the situated recognition of each one’s prerogatives.

- Keywords

judgment act decision coordination auto-confrontation rules football

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