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Seminary for students of the Sport Refereeing option

Seminary for students of the Sport Refereeing option

The football referees of the Sport Refereeing option began their 3rd seminary with a course of Alain Sars, head assistant of the refereeing from the French Football Federation (FFF), while the rugby referees had a course about the advantage rule with Rémi Charleroy, responsible for the refereeing formation from the French Rugby Federation (FFR).

After these theoretical courses, the students made practical course on the field : the football officials refereed match situations of the Football Club of Cournon d’Auvergne while the rugby officials refereed during a training of the U16 team of ASM Clermont Auvergne.

On Friday, students had transversal courses by teachers-researchers of the University of Sport Sciences. 1st level students, registered in their first year of Sport Refereeing option, learnt about the use of the video to improve their practice, while 2nd and 3rd level students had courses about the physical activity of the referees and learnt about coping.

Students then resumed the normal course of their program while working on their project "in and for refereeing".

Next seminary will start in April, but for now students take part to physical preparation together once a week.